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I don't know how to write a bio. Hi my name is David


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Hyte Y60 (Tower) Ryzen 9 790X NVIDIA GTX 4080 16GB 32GB RAM 2TB SSD Windows 11


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Coming Soon


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All donations are greatly appreciated. Never feel like you have to. I'm just here to distract you :)


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Go ahead and follow me to know when I’m live or if I change my schedule for the day :) Thank you for the support!!

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0. NO SELF PROMOTION, You will get banned. 1. Don't be an asshole in chat. 2. Don't send links....unless I ask. 3. Don't ask me to play a certain game or to play with you. 4. NO RACISM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Def. Ban 5. Anything Big Boi Dre 619 & Sec2nDimension say in the stream I do not condone. IT'S ALL FUN AND GAMES :0