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New streamer just enjoying playing games and chilling out. Recently made affiliate so im now on the grind to build a community and slowly working towards reaching partner. Appreciate all the support that you guys have given me to get this far, lets see how far we can take this :)

About Me

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My name is Ash and I am 28. Currently work full time with inconsistent shifts/days so consistency is not my friend. I enjoy playing games like Rocket League, Minecraft and Rust to name a few, but I am generally willing to give any game a go for the sake of it. Pretty chilled out generally and enjoy what I do so hopefully you guys can enjoy it too :)


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Steam: AshPlaysAU Discord: AshPlaysAU#2116 Youtube: AshPlaysAU Insta: ashplaysau Twitter: @plays_au Tiktok: AshPlaysAU

Tipping Me!

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Link to Stream Elements tipping page if you want to support me, its not required but I do appreciate any donations and will be given a shoutout in the next stream I do.

My Merch Store

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Link to direct access for my merch store, go and check some out :)