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Hello! Call me Ashu, nice to meet you, feel free to lurk and enjoy the content available!

About me

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Names: Ash / Ashu / Ashura Age: Don't worry about it. Ethnicity: Jamaican / American Games / Genre: Variety
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Donations are non-refundable. You are NOT obligated to donate, but if you do, I sincerely thank you for your continued support of this channel.


Don't be a jerk. Mods have the right to yeet you if you are a jerk. -End Transmission-

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The wonderful artist whom has created the newest row of emotes for this channel! Thank you so so much! Make sure you all go give her a follow and support her works!

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You ever just want to see some really nice, tasty, sensual works of art? Check this out then.

Cheers to Team Explooooooosion! (Click)

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