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Pushing for Top 1% on TWITCH l 420 all the time | Canadian Gamer | mature viewers only please i can not be held responsible for the things i say

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***please proceed with caution when watching my channel. this is mainly for mature viewers only*** i am not responsible for the things i say. i am a very chilled and easy going guy. i want to help everyone grow! i am 420 friendly and based in vancouver, bc - stoner city of canada -


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I am looking for anyone and everyone who is on the grind for affiliation! come pop into the chats! we are about support for support here!! i want to help anyone i can. come watch the stream and see how we grow together

try out some of these commands in my channel

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!activision: getting my activision tag and add me !addquote (for subscribers only) : add something you think is quote worthy or something i say alot already !affiliate: let you know if your affiliate status or not yet !astral !followage: how long you been following me!! !followers: how many followers i actively have !google: if you need to look something up do it from the chats in my channel !subage: how long youve been a sub for !urban : urban dictionary definition !viewers: how many people are watchings !views: how many all time views i have

go get some networking done!

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go check out this list of really amazing and supportive streamers! these ones are truly about #supportforsupport


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i am a full-time streamer trying to make a living out of this. i appreciate everyones support and while i never expect anything, donations are always very much appreciated! this is how i am making my living <3

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