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Deaaad streamer drawing

//////// About Me

Hello, I am ataruman(atamanman) After niconico and FC2 I started twitch streaming I do not do activities as a Pro at all I draw illustrations every day as a streamer. I guess

//////// SPEC

OS: windows 10 CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 x3700 MEM: DDR4 32GB GPU: Geforce RTX 3070 Software: photoshop CC 2019 Tablet: Intuos5 touch PTH-850 left hand: Xbox 360 controller

//////// LINK

## [pixiv]( ## [twitter]( ## [discord]( ## [Fanbox](

//////// CHAT RULES

I don't need any advice for my drawing :) Please respect streamer and chat mood. I don't like your egoistic smug face もう特に何のこだわりも無いので 日本ニキはいつでも気軽に日本語でコメしてね 作業中の作品は全部私の責任なので 至らぬところがあっても批評はやめてくだちぃ
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Even 10 bits can makes streamer smile, I wanna believe viewers understands the meaning of Give and Take 😢