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Slightly more entertaining than watching paint drying, I stream regularly and wish you an amazing day!

What I do here.

I usually stream myself learning languages on Duolingo(currently Jp>Fr and Eng>Jp), or doing something random for personal sense of achievement. Expect a stream at around(I tend to be late) 4 AM CEST, following this schedule: Mon- Break Tue- Watching documentaries in ES/DE/FR Wed- Duolingo(En > Jp) + Memrise Thu- Watching documentaries in ES/DE/FR Fri- Break Sat- Duolingo (En > Jp/Jp > Fr) Sun- Duolingo + Random Stuff [Duolingo Profile]( [Duolingo invite link]( (if you use it, I get free plus, which i have absolutely no use for, but you can take it as an opportunity to start learning some language, it's cool stuff) [Duome Profile]( [Sporcle Profile]( Discord: Ater_Cordis#8606 / [Server](


Streaming for me is just a hobby, and while it's one that I care about for the space it gives me to express and share my interests, ultimately it remains just that. I am not qualified to teach, assess, instruct, or anything like that, really, except for being simply an entertainer. However, this stream is oriented towards education, and you asking questions or bringing up topics does contribute to it, so you're very welcome to do so. I'll always try to answer to the best of my knowledge.

Little Warning

I find myself lacking a sense of humour some of the time and I have a particular distaste for people getting away with things they shouldn't get away with because someone was amused. So, any immature /adult /gutter /discriminatory/ racist/ sexist/ shitty/ just a/ crass (or however you want to spin it) joke might get you removed from the stream immediately. If you ever see anything of sorts being tolerated or accepted on this stream, the reason would be advancing a social criticism or contributing towards a form of social progress.

Stream Achievements

So far on stream I... Finished completely the following Duolingo courses: Eng>Swahili Eng>Latin Eng>German Learned the basics of hieroglyphic writing and ancient egyptian language Played/learned enough GeoGuessr to comfortably guess the country no move good 80% of the time Achieved 1.000 plays on quizzes I made on sporcle


The playlist plays the following songs in a loop, feel free to ask in chat which one is playing currently. All of the music is safe to play on stream, as it's either copright free or undetectable by twitch bots. I also encourage you to support any artist whose music you find enjoyable in any way you feel comfortable!


If you ever find yourself having spare money, please consider donating it to charity or a NGO! You can orient yourself as to which ones you trust the most with sites like [this]( or [this](