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aterraformer streams Super Mario World, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Maker 2.

Who's voice is in the background?

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terrawife92 in chat, be respectful

What's with the background noise?

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That's Gigi, she's a chihuahua-mix puppy. When she's not napping, she enjoys playing with her loud, shaking, barking toy or trying to sit in my lap, lick my hands and prevent me from playing. I may need to pause stream abruptly from time to time to do something for her.
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[Completed hacks](

Why do you hate kaizo? You must hate difficulty then and be a scrub loser

No, actually I quite enjoy hack difficulty despite the way I constantly yell and complain at it. I don't enjoy the style, I don't like the trend of 90% of hacks going that route. While I certainly appreciate and would much prefer this to SMW hacking being completely dead, it's not cool when every hack is a carbon copy of each other. Can you regrab? Can you shell jump? Can you read that the yellow coins mean regular jump and blue coins mean spin jump with the exact amount of time pressing the button at a moment's notice? I prefer level design where (for the most part) I can go at my own pace; slower to learn, increase speed as I grind. Not got breakneck speed from the start. I appreciate being about to observe an obstacle if need be, let the timing flow together, then do it first try once I figure out that's possible too. Kaizos of old where you really don't even know if it is doable without savestates or not and everyone kind of just did their own thing are a lot more interesting to me. If someone made a kaizo and never save or played any modern kaizo would interest me a lot more. Kaizos I may play in the future: Kaizo 1-3 Kouhai 1-3 Invictus anything else that looks kind of interesting

Current Plans

All the SIG hacks (7 (in progress)-9, 11, 12, 14-39) All the levelengine (all but Disk Defrag, By the Harvest Moon, worlds 1-6 of Way of the M, Hotel Mario 2) /v/ hack 2 Rio Rio Ultimate (broken Wii hack) Hyper VI VLDC/OLDC collabs (and maybe the others if I can find a mass patching method) Random other hacks Yoshi's Island (proper 100% first time) Luigi's Adventure OSE speedrun improvements eventually


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1. If you’re going to be an unfunny troll, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. Consult your father and return back the following stream with some better material. 2. Since most streamers do exactly this but without explicitly stating it, as will I. If you have a certain particular differing opinion than me on a thing and you are going to be very vocal about it, you’re gone. Although on the surface it seems like a vast topic, it all can be categorized very easy.

Sub Goals/Donations

3- Kaizo 1 continuing from level 4 5- proper any% speedrun of VIP1 where I keep the video 10- learn VIP2 any% Donation stuff: Besides the very small amount I made off YouTube ads when I was still able and Twitch subs/bits, I’ve never really set up a tips thing. I’m considering changing that despite still feeling weird about it. Please, only if your really financially steady even consider. I’m not exactly sure how I would set it up but I would definitely want to do something specific in return, like playing something requested for stream or a type of video. Please contact me privately via whisper or something else if interesting and I'll set it up.
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