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Playing Fornite/Magic: The Gathering/Overwatch

Who am I?

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Full-time web developer who plays games for fun with friends. Been playing Fortnite, MTG Arena and Overwatch lately. May play other games by request. I like to have a good time and goof around, but I love to win and to learn. That's always the name of the game!

Stay connected!

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[Facebook]( [Twitter]( I primarily post on Twitter, but I try to update the Facebook as well. Going live will be posted on both but highlights are more focused on Twitter.

My favorite Pokemon?

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Because I know you all were wondering :)

When will I be on?

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Most weekdays 8-8:30pm+ CDT And most weekends 12:30-1:30pm+ I usually post updates about when I will be live or if I won't be on my Twitter!

Are we famous yet?

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Vote once per day! Check out my channel on [Twinge]( Also check out my stats on [Fortnite Tracker](!

If you like the stream :)

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