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I love my mechs and my sneks. Speedrunner. SNES games, occasionally play bass and/or VR.

Games I've Run

Earthbound any% glitchless: 4:03:39 Earthbound any%: 1:09:20 Earthbound photo%: 2:38:17 Earthbound boogey%: 1:12:57 Earthbound boogey% (dancepad): 1:35:08 Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap any% Normal: 1:01:36 Animorphs (any%): 1:07:05 Drakkhen any%: 54:50 Mario Golf Advance Tour singles%: 59:01 Mario Golf Advance Tour doubles%: 1:12:31 Mario Golf Advance Tour all tournaments: 2:15:23 Mario Golf Advance Tour 100%: 9:04:38 Mario Golf Toadstool Tour any%: 1:38:41 FFT Randomizer: approx. 24 hours FF4 randomizer EarthBound Ancient Cave & PK Scramble See [here]( for a more complete listing of EarthBound runners and times.

About Me

I'm simply a big fan of RPGs, such as Earthbound, who thought speedrunning would be a fun new way to enjoy the games I've been playing. I may be adopting a schedule in the near future, maybe not.

More Info

AngieYuna has provided me with my current EB layout! Give her a big thank you if you see her in chat. Swishface has provided me with my current Dragon's Trap, Mario Golf, and Animorphs layouts! Give him a big thank you if you see him in chat. LegendaryCerberus has provided me with my current Dragon Quest layout! Give him a big thank you if you see him in chat.


See [here]( if that's a thing you want to do. Thanks for even considering it!

F. A. Q.

Q: I'm new to the game but interested in running it. Can you help me? A: The first step I recommend is to beat the game in a casual run. The second step I recommend is to consult a guide, such as [RedBalloonMan's]( or [Speed Demo Archive's]( routes. If you're interested in learning the glitched route (any% or nostairs%), I would recommend doing at least one glitchless run first, both to help familiarize yourself with the game, and because it is much more forgiving of mistakes. Once you've done that (or chosen to neglect that advice), there's a kinda outdated guide on [Speed Demos Archive]( that will get you started. I also annotated [my any% run]( which you may also find helpful. Q: What do the different categories of Earthbound mean? (What's a category? What does any% mean?) A: The different categories are a set of rules agreed upon by the community that we follow during a run. These are the categories I'm aware of: any%: Beat Giygas. Debug menu is not allowed. any% glitchless: Beat Giygas. Single-segment, meaning no console resets allowed. No intentional glitches allowed (graphical glitches, exit mouse glitch after dying in Belch's Base are generally okay.) photo%: Beat Giygas and return home. All 32 photos must be taken. Debug menu is not allowed. nostairs%: Beat Giygas. Debug menu and "stairs glitch" (moving OoB) is not allowed. boogey%: Beat Boogey Tent. No intentional glitches allowed. Q: What is "RNG manipulation"? What does that mean? How do you know what's going to happen before you see it? A: EarthBound's random number generator can be abused because: it starts in the same place upon console reset, the values are essentially a long, known list of numbers, and we know when it creates new values. Any time the game pulls a "random number", it will grab the next one in the list. Certain events will also generate a new random number. Printing text on screen, NPCs moving around, opening/closing menus, moving cursors, moving between tile boundaries will all "advance" the number generator to its next value. Q: Is your name Fred? A: No. Q: What is that lizard thing in chat? A: That is KomodoHype. Q: Why do you use KomodoHype so often? A: I had a pet lizard, and he was the best. Q: That doesn't actually answer my question. A: Q: I have a different question! A: Just ask in chat! (even if it's dumb, its okay.)