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British OoT speedrunner. I don't stream that often.


I'm Greg, an OoT speedrunner from the UK. I've been speedrunning the game since August 2018, with my main focus being Glitchless categories.


Rule #1: Don't be a dick. Rule #2: No spam, except when it's appropriate. Rule #3: No racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry etc. Jokes told with the proper context is one thing, but straight-up hate speech will not be tolerated. Use common sense, people. Rule #4: Please speak in English only.


**"Wow, you speak fast." / "I can't understand you when you speak."** Apologies, I suffer from a speech impediment; a stutter, to be more specific. Essentially, my mouth tries to talk before my brain can process what I'm going to say, and the end result is that sometimes I blurt everything out in one go and it can sound unintelligible. I'm working on improving it, but it can be a struggle at times, so bear with me. **"Why-"** It's faster. **"Are you going to speedrun any other games?"** Maybe. **"Where can I direct my hatemail?"** I have a [twitter]( that I might start actually using, feel free to swear at me there.