I play games fast...ish

Welcome to the Stream!

Hey there! On this channel you'll see lots of things from speedruns, to randomizers, to roguelikes, or even just casual playthroughs. I try to keep a plan of what I'll be streaming here and there but mostly just shoot from the hip with whatever I'm feeling like. Just a couple of rules: 1. Nothing offensive, hateful, illegal, etc. basically just try to keep chat civil and friendly for everyone. I try to keep a laidback and friendly stream environment, and I'd appreciate if you could do the same. 2. If you'd like to post a link, please ask first. I'm usually fine with it, I'd just appreciate a heads-up first to make sure it's not anything bad. 3. If I'm playing something for the first time, please do not spoil anything or try to direct my play in any way. If you're frustrated with my lack of progress in a game, there's plenty of other streams on Twitch :) 4. HAVE FUN! I ban all people not having fun ;)

Speedrunning stuff.

I've done a lot of different speedruns, so I've made a collection of Twitch VoDs for all the PBs I felt like I actually "earned" [here](https://www.twitch.tv/collections/qT9Dq8EEZRWymA?filter=collections) I've done lots of other speedruns and whatnot, so if you don't find what you're looking for in either of those spots, either it's somewhere in my VoDs or I never highlighted it because it's bad :P


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If you give me money, it'll go towards like stream stuff and event expenses and stuff or whatever or 🆒! Donate [here!](https://streamelements.com/aweglib/tip)

Me saying words on the internets.

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Thanks and other shoutouts!

Thank you SOOOO much to the following people who ~~conspired~~ worked together to get me a cartridge of Time Diver: Eon Man [Ryden](http://twitch.tv/ryden_sa) - Shines Forks and occasionally does bad speedruns :) [Lungkisser](http://twitch.tv/lungkisser) - Great variety streamer and "funny" guy, also my BattleBlockTheater speedrunning partner! [Chuk](http://twitch.tv/whenchukattacks) - Is better than me at every video game ever [Dave](http://twitch.tv/the__dave) - World's Greatest TTS streamer, also generously gave me an NES after mine broke. [Talif](http://twitch.tv/talif_moor) - Streams a lot of interesting and challenging games [Medio](http://twitch.tv/mediocrityorbust) - Awesome guy, streams silly games on occasion [Iron](http://twitch.tv/ironflare) - Creator and "master" of Flarebot, the best ~~butt~~ bot on Twitch THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!