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I'm Maeo! Sorry for my inconsistent streams, but I hope to chat with you all at some point!

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Hi! I'll keep it short c: **Name:** Mae (was formerly MaeonaiseTV) **Age:** 24 **Country:** Canada **Ethnicity:** Filipino **Games I play:** - League of Legends - Sims 4 - Valorant **Stream Schedule:** N/A at this time.
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1. Be ***kind*** to one another and ***have fun!*** 2. ***PLEASE*** no racial slurs. ***NO*** racism or sexism, etc. Hateful comments to one another = ban :} 3. ***Please don't ask to be a VIP.*** I give it to those who visit and chat regularly! 4. ***Please don't ask to be a mod!*** 5. I'm all for supporting one another! ***BUT PLEASE don't self advertise.*** I, or my mods, will promote you :] ***This is only fair to those who respectfully don't advertise themselves out of common courtesy.*** Thanks for understanding!
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***Not necessary but I appreciate any tips/donations/bits! <3*** Always put yourself first though! ***Because donations are non-refundable, please only donate if you can and if it's your own money.*** I appreciate any kind of support.