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your favorite cult leader and goth waifu who'll drown you in aggressive positivity🌹 Live 4 times a week 🎀

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**Welcome to the Cult!** I'm Ayuu, your now cult leader and favorite goth waifu~! I'm here to make you laugh and feel loved with my aggressive positivity! I protect you and promise to take care of you until you try to leave my basement. ♥ Enjoy your stay for wholesome chaos~

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If you want to support me and my streams, don't hesitate to **subscribe** by clicking on the panel above! It helps me a lot, you also get access to private channels on my discord and some super cute emotes!~

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Here are all my social medias! Some are more active than others..~ [YouTube]( [Twitter]( [TikTok]( [Instagram](

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Donating is NOT AT ALL necessary! But please do know if you decide to, it makes me the happiest ever!! I may be in shock everytime I receive a donation but it makes me so so happy. **DONATIONS ARE NON REFUNDABLE. PLEASE THINK TWICE BEFORE GIVING TO ME.**

FAQ! ♥

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**"How old are you?"** *- I don't disclose my age for personal protection, but I am over 18 is all you need to know!* **"What do you do on the side of streaming?"** *- Streaming is my fulltime job, but I'm also a student at an animation/art school at the moment.* **"Are you a real girl?"** *- no, women don't exist, you all know that. (yes i am)* **"What kind of music do you listen to?"** *- I listen to rock or electro most of the time! My favorite bands are Starset, Bring Me The Horizon, Set it Off, and older Linkin Park songs.* **"Where are you from?"** *- I am from France! I studied English on my own to become better at it. (I used to be a really bad english student haha)* **"Big booba"** *- I know, thank you.*

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Join our amazing **Partnered Discord Server** with over 2000 members, 300+ emotes and a wonderful community waiting for you!

Credits! ♥

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2D Art Mama : [Gumae]( ♥ 2D Rig Mama : [Oykeli]( ♥ Starting Soon Art : [DimaDuchess]( ♥ Starting Soon Animation : [KJOEE88]( ♥ Emote Artist / Badge Artist : [Iyumei]( ♥ Bit Badges Artist : [Gravyhu]( ♥ Overlays : [Chessu]( ♥ Panels : [HugFilly]( ♥ Alert Artist : [Galleta]( ♥