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Hi there,My name is Sven I'm 23, gaming has been a big part of my life and started streaming january 2021. Just a bit crazy in my head, but having a lots of laughter in my streams!I'm a part time streamer besides my work, as a general store manager. So I'll be online when I can. Much love

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I'm Reaper Aka Sven, I'm 23 years old from the Netherlands. I started streaming January 2021. I enjoy to play a wide variety of games and stream most of them. My things that I focus on is that I have fun in my games/gameplay! Keep in mind my streams are meant for an adult audience (18+)
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My Streaming Setup! Gear: Microphone > Shure SM7B Microphone Mixer > TC-Helicon GO XLR Microphone stand > RODE PSA1 Keyboard > Corsair K100 RGB OPX Switches Mouse > Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO SE Mouse Pad > Steelseries Qxk 5XL Headset > SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Main monitor > AOC C27G2U/BK 27” inch 165 hz 1440p panel Second monitor > AOC C24G2U 24” inch 165 hz 1080p panel Third monitor > AOC C24G2U 24” inch 165 hz 1080p panel Chair > DXRACER RACING PRO R131-NR Webcam > Logitech Brio My PC specs: Case > Lian LI O11 XL CPU > Intel I9 9900K @5.1GHZ Cooler > Custom loop by Corsair GPU > 2x Asus Strix 1080TI OC SLI RAM > Trident-Z Royal 4x8gb @3200Mhz Motherboard > Asus Strix Z390-f Boot SSD > Samsung 860 evo 500GB Edit SSD: Samsung 980 1TB SSD > Samsung 980 Pro 1Tb M.2 (SSD’s in Raid 0) SSD > Samsung 980 Pro 1Tb M.2 HDD > Seagate BarraCuda 4 TB (HDD’s in Raid 0) HDD > Seagate BarraCuda 4 TB