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Name is Brian. 22, and I live in Michigan. Been playing WoW since 2007. I Play Rogue and Shaman!

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My name is Brian. I am currently 23 and attend the University of Michigan where I am studying mechanical engineering! I've been playing video games all my life, and you'll mostly see me playing a variety of WoW, Overwatch, and Rocket League!
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**Q:** Keyboard? **A:** Corsair K70 **Q:** What mouse do you use? **A:** Razer Naga Molten **Q:** Why do you stream? **A:** I just like the interaction and fun streaming gives. **Q:** Do you play with viewers? **A:** Yes! I love playing with viewers, just add me and let me know in chat and we will play! **Q:** Favorite WoW class to play and why? **A:** Rogue for many reasons. I love the utility with this class and I also love the set ups. I hate the mongoloid playstyle, I like having to think about how to kill something. **Q:** Favorite Overwatch heros to play? **A:** Ana, Mccree, and Soldier 76.
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