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My friends and I have been making media and putting on shows for the internet for about a decade now. I see no signs of stopping, it's too much fun. These streams are another way for me to share with you.

Welcome To The Show!

You've tuned to the right frequency for some fun. My name is Baaulp, and the aim is to entertain. Twitch has a lot of business going on, but not a lot of jazz. We got the jazz. From my screen to yours. So sit back, relax. For business inquiries: baaulpMunch made by [StickyHunter](


Expect streams around 2/2:30pm EST to 7/7:30pm EST. Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Check the schedule on twitch. Not including special events or just when I randomly feel like it. (Subject to changes, check twitter or discord for updates)

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**Click on the meatball if you want to send a donation and help me get more real meatballs.** Your support goes towards more streams, more videos, and more comedy. I appreciate it all greatly. **Donations are non-refundable and you are donating under the agreement you will not issue a chargeback** If you experience issues with regards to donating, please reach out to Streamlabs and/or Paypal support.

What Else You Got?

Thank you for your curiosity. If you're having fun watching the stream, go ahead and check out my other stuff: [Youtube]( [Twitter]( I also have a podcast that I record with my friends at: [Where Do We Begin?]( I make regular appearances on my friends streams. Check them out too. [Fan Discord]( for fans of the show. Thank you for your support!


$1 and up: Alert on stream $3/300 Bits and up: Message read by TTS $10 Neelix

Follow These Rules

Don't make me ban you Baaulp gets to ban whoever he wants No bigots No backseating (Mature Audiences Only)