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Speed chess / Language learning/ Speedruns. Always trying to improve!

Hello and welcome to the channel! ᕕ( ' >' )ᕗ

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You have reached the local peng. Congratulations to everyone involved. ............ᕕ( ' >' )ᕗ [Drawing by Penchan]


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- Stuff is not allowed on tuesdays, unless otherwise specified. - Don't be a jerk. Be constructive. - Don't post links to offensive/trollish things. (including jumpscares/etc). After requests I'm disabling the link filter, so click links at your own discretion. If you post a link when I'm offline or afk you'll most likely get banned. - Always never use the !pengu command [Drawing by Elilolatops]


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Every now and then people mention they want to make monetary donations, and I really appreciate that. However the channel is not set up for those and I intend to keep it that way. I do however encourage "donations" in the form of drawings, smiley emojis, general well wishes, you teaching me some sentence in your native language and scientific facts about mansard roofs (rooves?). [Drawing by Oito]