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bad_resistor streams Music.

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I play mostly Pokemon. You might see me making music once in a while or maybe even making something random on creative. Follow me on twitch and twitter to see what crazy stuff I'm up to!
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* PC Intel 5820K i7 dual RX480 * Razer blackwidow chroma TE * Razer Orochi * Macbook Pro * Apogee Quartet * Focusrite 2i4 * Yamaha HS5 monitors * Primacoustic London 12 * Audio Technica ATH-M50 * Astro A40 * Ableton Live * Apple Logic * Propellerhead Reason * Waves Gold plug-ins * Yamaha Motif XS6 * Novation SL MKII * Blue Yeti usb mic * Blue Encore 100 dynamic mic * Sterling Audio ST51 condenser mic * Earthworks M30 omni mic * Pioneer DDJ-SX * Mackie 802-VLZ3 mixer
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Platforms and Games

* Wii U - Mario Kart, Star Fox,Super Smash Bros, Pokken Tournament * XBox 360 - Red Dead Redemption * Xbox One - Forza6 * PC - Ark, Overwatch, Fallout4, Far Cry3 Blood Dragon, Tomb Raider * 3DS - Pokemon Sun/Moon, Pokemon Y, Omega Ruby
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* Fairy Tail * Gantz * Death Note * Darker than Black * One Punch Man * Akame Ga Kill * One Piece * Attack on Titan


All times are tentative. Streams are about 2 hours long on average. I will post on Twitter any updates or changes. * Monday - start 10PM PST (1AM EST) * Thursday -start 10PM PST (1AM EST) * Sunday TBA


1. Don't be toxic 2. Be respectful to the streamer and everyone in chat. 3. No spam, self promotion, or offensive material. (ask before posting links) 4. Some trash talk is going to happen during battles, its meant to be in a fun nature. If it gets construed as hateful, you will get banned! 5. No back seat gaming. I am not a Pokemon Shiny hunter. Trades or battles will happen randomly during the stream. During battles I will be concentrating on my strategy and not focusing so much on chat, please be patient and I will reply afterwards. 6. Be Nice or Leave

Bot Commands

* !discord -link to discord server * !social -link to my twitter * !uptime -shows how long stream has been live * !pokedex -shows my current pokedex for ORAS * !ign -my 3DS friend code * !twic - link to the podcast music that I play (no song request) * !anime -myanimelist link * !battle - puts you into battle queue when active * !trade -puts you into trade queue during trades