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Full Time Journeyman Electrician and Twitch streamer, Mainly play FPS Genre . Official Sherpa for Escape from Tarkov

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Donations keep me able to stream full time while also being an electrician on the side. Other then 9-5 back breaking work, So it helps a ton and greatly appreciated :) Donations are non refundable.


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If you want some clean ass merch, I suggest you click on the imagine above! I got some clean designs and more coming soon! Ordering merch helps in a big way <3 Newest one is - Resort Janitor


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Have Common Sense Thanks :)


PLEASE BE AWARE, SOMETIMES BITBOTS WONT WORK. AVOID DOING IT WHILE IN INVENTORY NON REFUNDABLE Mumble - 25 Jump - 50 Crouch - 55 Change Firemode - 60 Spam Squat - 69 Reload - 80 Prone - 85 Shoot Once - 100 Grenade - 250 Mag Dump - 400 Drop Bag - 420 360 Mag Dump - 450 Nadecopter - 500 Get Naked - 1000 ALT F4 - 2500

About me

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Name - Jake Reside- United States Streaming Since - 07/02/2020 Business Inquires - 23 Year old gamer who loves to play FPS games off work. Mainly play Escape from Tarkov , Eventually will play other games to fill the gaps but EFT is mostly what you will see me playing. Been playing it since June 2017, If you got any questions about it, Feel free to ask! <3 My profession is Journeyman electrician but currently taking a break off of that to keep grinding twitch and hopefully take it full time one day! Just a man living with his puppy and gaming!

Computer Specs

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AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Processor ASUS PRIME X570-PRO ES W/ WiFi 32 GB Corsair Vengence GeForce RTX 3080 - 10GB GDDR6X Power Supply750 Watt - Thermaltake 3 TB Samsung SSD 4 TB Toshiba Hard Drive