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Welcome to The $h1t Show! I'm a super casual gamer that usually has no idea what's going on! 420 stream, so 21+ (at least 18+ pls). If I'm playing fps, I tend to holler, so start my stream w/ low volume. 😅 If I haven't scared you off, follow & come introduce yourself!

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Hai thar, I'm Batmanda~ Alien nerd lady that collects toys and creates art. ^_^ I'm a super casual variety streamer, mainly streaming games, but mixin' it up with just chatting and makeup streams thrown in at random. My stream is 21+ as I'm 420 friendly and live in a legal state and am more than old enough to partake. I am super socially anxious but I love you and I'm so happy to have you here. ♥ Business email:
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Never ever required by any means, but always 100% appreciated and thankful! 💓 [steamlabs]( or [PayPal]( You can also tip me via CashApp or VenMo: $BatmandaWayne * Please only donate if you are not going to hurt your daily life in order to do so, as all donations are considered "gifts" and non refundable. Anything sent in my stream will 100% go to upgrading my PC and enable me to bring cosplay to my streams. You can also visit [my ko-fi]( to purchase digital photo shoot images. You can also view my wishlists on [Throne](, [Amazon](, or [Steam](
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I have a lot of people that have helped me get my stream in order; I'd like to extend a thank you to those that have helped me get going in the direction I wanted. @TillamookStar @DewCanM @PrimalLegion @mashaton @strwbrryshrtckgrl Anyone that has spent a minute with me here. Just coming by to say hi makes me incredibly happy and I cannot thank you enough! @TopHatAK ♥ @CutThroat1789 ♥ @MajorDrumKill for being the FIRST Top 3 to gift my cauldron subs! * [Twitch Guru]( * [Stream Playlist]( - plays at random * "BRB" and related scenes/graphics is the [Relative Minds animated]( theme.
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* California → Alaska → Oregon * I have Type 1 Diabetes & complications to go with it~ * I have a dog named Zelda & a cat named Lilith * I collect & photograph action figures * Chat focused streams * **I play:** Fortnite, Pokémon, The Sims 4, Weed Shop 3, and so many more~

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* **Computer model:** ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. ROG STRIX G10CE_G10CE * **Operating system:** Microsoft Windows 11 Home (10.0, Build 22621) * **Processor:** 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11700 @ 2.50GHz 8/16 * **Motherboard:** ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. G10CE * **RAM:** 16 GB * **Hard disk:** WDC PC SN530 SDBPNPZ-1T00-1002 (953.9 GB/Fixed hard disk media) * **Graphics card:** NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 (12 GB) * **Monitor:** AUS ASUS VG328 (1920x1080 / 31.5 Inch) * **Sound card:** NVIDIA High Definition Audio