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Welcome in folks! I like to keep things chill and simple, focusing on drawing and playing a few games. I'm a hobby streamer, streaming when I have time on the weekends and posting VODs and clips on Youtube.

My Art

As an artist I focus on telling stories with each piece, wanting to capture a scene and create an experience for the subject I'm drawing. I try to draw everything I can to help build my visual library and understand what makes things unique in everyday. *** My Drawing Kit: - Asus Model GL503V (Laptop) - Wacom Tablet - Firealpaca (Program) - Blue Snowball mic

Sub Scribbles

Anyone who subscribes gets a Sub Scribble! Sub Scribbles are fun, simple, card size, 10 - 20 minute drawings of your choice (No NSFW). I will need references so make sure to leave those in the Discord under "#Scribble References"
Panel Content
I am open to commissioning channel art (Emotes, Banners, Overlays, etc.) As well as individual pieces. Prices vary depending on what you are looking for. Feel free to DM me if you have any inquiries. I am currently drafting up a Google Doc to answer pricing and guidelines. Commissions will not be done on stream and I will not be giving updates on current commissions on stream. All updates will be given through DM (Discord, or Twitch)