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Welcome to The Hive, my name's Bees and I am a variety streamer from Haida Gwaii British Columbia, Canada. The word "Yahguudang" means respect where I'm from, and it goes a long ways around here.

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Switch Sports Golf Tournament! CA$250.00 Wilderness Hike Stream CA$500.00 Cold Water Dunk Tank CA$1,000.00 Full Shave!!! CA$1,500.00 Partial Shaves CA$2,000.00
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I am from the northwest coast of British Columbia, Canada. I started streaming in March 2021 and I play a variety of games mostly on PC, Nintendo Switch and a bit on PS4. Here in The Hive we're trying to build a relaxed and welcoming community that we want anyone and everyone to be able to feel comfortable in and happy to "bee" a part of.
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1: This is a mature community and as such anyone viewing must be 18+ 2: Don't be a dick. If you need more clarification see rules 2.1-2.3. 2.1: Discrimination in any form will not be tolerated. 2.2: No spamming or self promo. 2.3: Be generally respectful of others. 3: English only in chat please, my Mods and I can only moderate in one language. 4: Please avoid back seating/spoilers unless I have explicitly asked for help. 5: Have a good time and enjoy the stream!
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Completed on Stream: + Pentiment + Cultic + Find Love Or Die Trying + Neon White + Stray + Psychonauts + The Quarry + Tunic ^ Golden Path + Wildermyth: ^ Age of Ulstryx ^ Enduring War + Carto + Outer Wilds + The Artful Escape + Metroid Dread + The Wild at Heart + Before Your Eyes + Green Hell + To The Moon + Spiritfarer + A Hat in TIme + Little Nightmares + Celeste + Never Alone + Gris + Until Dawn + Alba: A Wildlife Adventure + The Pedestrian + Webbed + Bee Simulator + Lake + Minute of Islands Speedruns/Challenges: + Super Mario Odyssey ^ Any% 1:16:37 + Link's Awakening: ^ 100% ^ Hero Mode ^ 3 Heart Challenge

Jigsaw Puzzles:

+ The Dream Of Surrealism