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Hi I'm Belle Sprout! The Queen of Snails


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- Follow twitch TOS, Be kind, be respectful to all chatters. - 18+/ Please don't mention your age - No Trauma Dumping, lets keep the vibes chill! - No Overly Sexual Comments - No links w/o permission please! - No asking about moderation actions, please DM a mod if you are unsure why your message was deleted or why you were timed out - No Spam or Trolling - Failure to follow rules will start out with a warning unless too extreme, failure to follow rules after warning will result in ban - No Self Promo or talking about other streamers chat please! It comes off as rude :( - Don't bug Belle about redeems, she'll get to them.

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About Me!

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Hi! My name is Belle, I'm Queen of the Cosmic Snails! I mostly stream ASMR, but I do a gaming stream once in a while! :3 I'm super weird too, some people say I'm "quirky" but I'm pretty sure that's the nice way of calling me weird. So get ready to hear me say some off the wall things randomly, in context or not :)


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Follow me on twitter to see art posts, Stream Schedule, and other random things I post


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The best way to support my channel is to subscribe! You'll also gain access to a bunch of cute emotes you can use anywhere


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Donations are never expected but very appreciated! Please note that donations are non-refundable.


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Click the image here to see all the people that helped make my stream so amazing! From my model maker, all the way to the person that designed my overlays! Anything commissioned for the stream will be added to the credit link :)


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My Throne Wishlist! Feel Free to check it out if you want, suggest or buy things off it!