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I love playing games, so come in and watch me have a blast!

Shameless plugs! is where you can buy some stuff that has some stuff people gave me to sell and stuff. I can personally guarantee that each item is as high-quality as my content (read; probably not, but who knows?)

Awesome people!

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I'm a guy from the UK currently streaming every game I can get my grubby hands on, along with an evening stream of more retro games like the current ff9 stream Also you can donate by clicking on the "who am I" picture! Because I can never be truly shameless if I'm not asking for money!


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No being an ass in chat, backseat gaming is fine but flaming is not; Basically don't use the C word and don't be one. Trying to make this stream into a friendly environment so by all means please engage in the chat, makes everything much more fun for me :)


(sadly my baby is stuck in the UK, I'm working off a laptop atm) Asus Fatal1ty x399 motherboard Threadripper x1900 CPU 16gb Corsair Dominator RAM MSI Geforce GTX 1070Ti Armor Corsair 750m PSU Corsair H80i v2 cooling Enthoo luxe tempered glass case skillet sharkroon Razer naga Audio Technica AT2020 USB mic Logitec webcam

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