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Your dad's favourite indie-loving gaymer 😘🏳️‍🌈 (he/any) For business enquiries:

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Hey there! I'm Beraligatr, but you can call me Ben/Ber/Bera/tonight 😉 I'm an L(G)BTQIA+ variety streamer from Melbourne, Australia. I love indie games, and on this channel you'll find me playing a wide variety of games, often with friends, and with varying levels of competency 🙃
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We're pretty chill here, but there are some ground rules. * No sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, or any other hateful/discriminatory chat. * English in chat (we can't moderate other languages sorry!) * Ask first before backseating, and no spoilers! * Jesting is fun, but don't be an actual dick * This channel is intended for mature audiences and may contain mature content from time to time. Please avoid talking about age. Under 18s may be banned * Ask before posting links * Don't advertise in chat. (We have a #self-promo channel on our Discord for that) And of course the most important rule: * Be yourself and have fun 🥰✨(....unless "yourself" sucks. In which case, be better and have fun 😉)
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## Want to get cheap games, support charity, and support the stream? Check out Humble Bundle! I've been a long time fan of indie games and Humble Bundle, so I'm proud to announce that I'm also a Humble Partner! If you haven't heard of them, Humble Bundle do a few different things, and most of their games are redeemed as Steam keys! **[Humble Bundle](**: Pay what you want for curated bundles of games. Every bundle supports charity, and you can even designate how much of your money goes to the devs and how much goes to charity! **[Humble Choice](**: Subscribe to get a choice of games to keep every month, as well as a discount in the Humble Store, and full access to the Humble Games Collection! **[Humble Store](**: Humble's online storefront which often has great sales on (which stack with discount from Humble Choice!) As a Humble Partner, if you use any of the links in this panel will set me as your referrer on Humble for 24 hours! It's a great way to support the stream, support charity, and get cheap games!