Bert469 streams Diablo IV, Sea of Thieves and My Summer Car.

Who is Bert469

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Hey there!! I have been gaming since before I can remember. It has become something that I love to do in my spare time. I also like to build computers, which I have learned to do on my own. I have an extreme passion for all of this, including my job as a Plumber that I have been doing for 20+ years. Some of my favorite games right now include DayZ, Rust, & GTA.


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Donations are never required, but are always appreciated. They allow me to continue streaming and doing what I love!! I also set different donation goals so that you can see what they are being put towards. If you would like to contribute just click the donate button.

The Chat Rules

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CHAT RULES ARE TO BE FOLLOWED OR YOU WILL BE BANNED! 1. Please be respectful to one another including me. I am aware that I sometimes don't know what the hell I am doing. 2. No spamming allowed at all. Spamming is just unnecessary and immature. Spamming is just unnecessary and immature. Spamming is just unnecessary and immature. You will be banned. I am a nice guy. Please don't make me be anything other than that. 3. Have fun!!! Everyone loves a good laugh and to have a good time. I am here to do that, and I hope you are to. 4. I speak English. Which means you need to speak English. Please and thank you. 5. If i need to make any other rules for you to follow then you shouldn't be in my chat.


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My Schedule for Streaming is as follows: Mon-Friday: If and when I have time. If I can I will. I work a lot and I do not have set hours. Sat-Sun: Sometimes I work on Saturdays, most of my gaming is done on the weekends though. Enabling notifications when I go live will probably help more, so that you know when I am streaming.

Streamlabs + OBS

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