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Who farted?

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Welcome to the stream! A Little bit about me, I am 32 years old living in western NY with my lovely wife, son and 2 dogs. I work full time as a salesman while moonlighting as a broadcaster here on Twitch. Come out and say hi =) If you enjoy what you see, tickle that follow button and join The Crew! ##Xbox Live: BetterOffBlue ##PSN: NotBetterOffBlue ##Bnet: Blue#16448 ##Steam: BetterOffBlue ##Epic: BetterOffBlue ##Uplay: BetterOffBlue ##[Steam Group](
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Please do not talk about viewer count I do not accept in game invites, please ask in chat to join games Do not spam Do not insult or harass No self-promotion - I will promote you when I'm ready Don't ask to be mod, that has literally never worked. Do not discuss activity on other channels (i.e. banning) Do not discuss religion Spoilers are grounds for BANNING No selling homemade butter
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