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I Play alot of Clone Hero, Im not amazing at it by any means. On Occasion I will play some Retro Style Games

About Me!

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Hello There and Welcome in! My Name Is Bewitcherrr and im 34 years old and im a Native from Canada. I Enjoy playing Clone Hero and Retro Style games, on the rarity I will dabble with newer titles. I love me some Metal Music and Pop (weird combo i know) and if you have any questions to ask me, dont be shy or hestitate <3

My Commands

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!ahh, !ass, !beefcake, !bit, !bmochop, !clap, !dog, !ehh, !fart1-16, !goddamnit, !lol7, !mayday, !milk, !momentimum, !nuts, !nyan, !rem, !slapclap, !steiner1, !superbrawl, !tweeds, !vee2, !versace, !videogames, !wow, !yo !songs if youd like to request something while im playing Clone hero

Social Media

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I have a Discord? Other than that i dont have much else lol bug me about it if you want me to join something

Computer Specs

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Ryzen 9 5950x 16c/32t CPU MSI Gaming Z Trio 12gb 3080 GPU Corsair Rm850X PSU 64GB DDR4 3600MHZ Ram (2x32gb) Asus PRIME X570-P MOBO Lian Li Mesh Performance Case Arctic Liquid Freezer 2 360mm AIO 512GB Samsung 980 M.2 SSD MSI PCI WIFI/bluetooth Adapter 8 Fans

Games ive Beaten On Stream

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Chrono Trigger DKC 1-2-3 Lufia 2 (including all iris treasure) Banjo Kazooie Earthbound Might & Magic 1 (nes) Might & Magic 3 (PC) Might & Magic World of Xeen (pc) Legacy of the Wizard (randomizer) (more to come)

Twitch Rules For The Channel

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1. No Racism 2. No Phobia to others 3. Pick on me not others 4. Have fun


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if youre curious about my Vtube model, Just click this picture, it will Link you to my artists fiverr page :)