bezihero streams Rocksmith 2014.

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Feel free to request a song from the list below: 1.5678's - Woohoo 2.AC/DC - Hells Bells 3.AC/DC - Highway to hell 4.AFI - This time imperfect 5.AFI - Interview 6.Akira Yamaoka - Promise 7.Alestorm - Cpt. Morgans revenge 8.Alestorm - Death Throes of the terrorsquid 9.Alestorm - Drink 10.Alestorm - Hangover 11.Alestorm - Keelhauled 12.Alestorm - Magnetic North 13.Alestorm - Rum 14.Alestorm - The Sunkn' Norwegian 15.Alestorm - You are a pirate 16.Alien ant farm - Smooth criminal 17.Jesus Christ Superstar - Everything's alright 18.Jesus Christ Superstar - Overture 19.Jesus Christ Superstar - Temple 20.Phantom of the opera theme 21.The Animals - It's my life 22.The Animals - Please don't let me be misunderstood 23.Babymetal - HEADBANGERRRRR 24.Bag Raiders - Shooting star meme 25.The Beatles - Hard days night 26.The Beatles - Strawberry fields forever 27.Beck - Loser 28.Behemoth - Blow your trumpets Gabriel 29.Behemoth - Ora pro nobis Lucifer 30.Behemoth - Ov fire and the void 31.Belphegor - Sexdictator Lucifer 32.Black Sabbath - Age of reason 33.Black Sabbath - Children of the sea 34.Black Sabbath - Iron man 35.Black Sabbath - Supernaut 36.Boomfunk MC's - Freestyler 37.Carly Rae Jepsen - Call me maybe 38.Dethklok - Castarikon 39.Danzig - Mother 40.Dark Funeral - Diabolis Interium 41.Dave Brubeck - Take five 42.Darude Sandstorm meets bass 43.We are number one 44.Deep Purple - Hush 45.Dethklok - Laser Cannon Deth Sentence 46.Dethklok - The Galaxy 47.Black Sabbath - God is Dead 48.Dissection - Somberlain 49.Dissection - Where Dead angels lie 50.Dissection - God of frobidden light 51.Elbow - Grounds for divorce 52.ETC - I am murloc 53.Ennio Moricone - A fistfull of dollars theme 54.Ennio Moricone - Good the bad and the ugly theme 55.Ghost - Cirice 56.Ghost - Ghuleh/Zombie queen 57.Ghost - Ritual 58.Ghost - Year Zero 59.Grease - Greased Lightnin' 60.Grease - Summer nights 61.Gunther - My ding ding dong 62.Haddaway - What is love 63.Haggard - Per Aspera Ad Astra 64.Heidevolk - Nehalennia 65.Heidevolk - Vulgaris Magistralis 66.Henry Mancini - Pink Panther theme 67.Hatsune Miku - Koi wa Sensou 68.Immortal - Solarfall 69.Immortal - Tyrants 70.Immortal - Withstand the fall of time 71.Johnny Cash - Folsom prison blues 72.Johnny Cash - I walk the line 73.Johnny Cash - Ring of fire 74.Judas Priest - Halls of Valhalla 75.Judas Priest - Hell bent for leather 76.Judas Priest - Hell Patrol 77.Judas Priest - Judas Rising 78.Lady Pank - Znowu pada deszcz 79.Led Zeppelin - When the levee breaks 80. Lindemann - Praise abort 81.Django OST - His name was king 82.Lzy - Agnieszka 83.Metallica - Nothing else matters 84.Metallica - Ecstasy of gold 85.Metallica - Whiskey in the jar 86.Monty Python - Always look on the bright side of life 87.Nirvana - Come as you are 88.Nirvana - Lake of fire 89.Offspring - Gotta get away 90.Offspring - Staring at the sun 91.Offspring - Come out Swinging 92.Offspring - Dirty magic 93.Offspring - Have you ever 94.Offspring - Meaning of life 95.Pink Guy - Fried Noodles 96.Pink guy - Bad words 97.Pink Floyd - The wall part 2 98.Power Rangers main theme GOGOGOGO 99.Queen - Kind of magic 100.Queen - Don't stop me now 101.Queen - I want to break free 102.Queen - Radio Ga Ga 103.Queen - Show must go on 104.Rammstein - Amerika 105.Rammstein - Haifisch 106.Rammstein - Halleluja 107.Rammstein - Keine lust 108.Rammstein - Mein land 109.Rammstein - Moskau 110.Rammstein - Pussy 111.Rammstein - Rammlied 123.Rammstein - Rosenrot 124.Red hot chilli peppers - Californication 125. Red hot chilli peppers - Dani california 126.REM - It's the end of the world 127.REM - Losing my religion 128.Satyricon - Black crow on a tombstone 129.Satyricon - Fuel for hatred 130.Satyricon - Mother North 131.Satyricon - Pentagram burns 132.Scorpions - In trance 133.Scorpions - Rock you like a hurricane 134.Scorpions - Send me an angel 135.Scorpions - No one like you 136.Scorpions - Still loving you 137.Scorpions - The zoo 138.Scorpions - Wind of change 139.Serj Tankian - Empty walls 140.Serj Tankian - Lie Lie Lie 141.Serj Tankian - Sky is over 142.Shivaree - Goodnight moon Kill Bill OST 143.Simon and Garfunkel - Sound of silence 144.Slayer - Black magic 145.Slayer - Bloodline 146.Slayer - Postmortem 147.Smash mouth - All star 148.Spiderbait - Black Betty

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