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Harro, my name is Bianca. My friends calls me B. I am a temporary weekend streamer that is curious to play different games, but always love playing DBD.

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Name : Bianca Age : Old Enough Country : Malaysia I am not a gamer, but I love playing games. I am not a streamer, but I love making friends. Multiplayer games : Dead By Daylight Fortnite Games still in progress (I think) : Elden Ring Monster Hunter World Life is Strange 3 Okami Games I've finished Playing On stream: Resident Evil Biohazard Dark Souls 3 Bloodborne Life is Strange Life is Strange : Before the Storm Wolf Among Us Hellblade : Senua's Sacrifice Rise of theTomb Raider Little Nightmares Limbo Erica INSIDE What Remains of Edith Finch Untitled Goose Game Wanna know more? Come join the fun!
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If you like sharing food images and Memes and also wanna know any updates!
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