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|| Variety Vtuber || Mermaid at heart with a goldfish brain || She/Her ||

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☆ 30 and ~ thriving ~ ☆ ADHD brain go brrrr ☆ Infamous playthrough abandoner ☆ Single-Player Story Mode kinda gal ☆ Real Housewives meme aficionado ☆ Chat focused & interactivity prioritzer ☆ Basically always talking
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Tips are never ever required, but always greatly appreciated! My viewer's support means the world to me, in any and all forms. Tips of $2.00 or more will be read on stream!
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**BUSINESS EMAIL:** BIJOUDEMI@GMAIL.COM Stream Pet by sayonani Vtuber Model by yessicacraft Emotes by RissaRambles & uguubear Sub & Channel Point Badges by ShoYukia