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BILAL - TWT LCQ 2019 Champion | Tekken 7 Pro Player from Pakistan. Passionate about competition, content creation and streaming.

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28 year old Tekken7 player. FAQ: Who are you? I am Bilal, a professional Tekken 7 player from Pakistan. What have you achieved? TOC South East Asia Finalist Gamers Galaxy 2022 Finalist TEKKEN WORLD TOUR 2019 FINALS Top1 3 TEKKEN WORLD TOUR 2019 LCQ Champion FATE GLOBAL MASTERS 2019 Second Runner-up FV CUP MALAYSIA 2019 Top 7 PLG GRAND SLAM 2018 Runner-up OUG 2018 Second Runner-up FV CUP MALAYSIA 2018 Top 7 IGN 2017 Champion PLG 2017 Champion OUG 2017 Second Runner-Up Main Characters? Byran Feng Akuma Paul Geese DevilJin Ganryu. Currenlty picking up Lee, but play numerous characters to the highest level. When did you start your Tekken career? Tekken 3