I am a computer programmer by day, and a Stardew Valley speed runner by (Tuesday/Thursday NZ time) night.I know ALOT about the game code.

Chat Rules

Don't be a dick. Tease, but don't get personal. Keep swearing to a minimum.


[Personal Discord](https://discord.gg/9W5Ncj3) [Stardew Valley Speedrun Discord](https://discord.gg/0t4blMHaUewwda7V) [The Dew Crew Discord](https://discord.gg/ven6exKKFc)

About me

I am early 30's, and have enjoyed all kinds of gaming my whole life. I am from NZ I have been fascinated by speedrunning for a few years, and have decided to throw my hat into the ring. Stardew Valley is my current game of choice. I am a computer programmer, and enjoy digging into code. Business enquiries: bladesdv@gmail.com


Cat emotes are of Gordon, the mascot who likes to sleep on stream. Emotes created by Armond Nisbett. Instagram: @icantastecolorz


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