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Speedrunner from North Sweden! Check me out!

Welcome to my channel! here is so fast Information.

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Q. Where are you from? A. Sweden Q. How old are you? A. I'm 23 years old . Q. What other consoles do you have? A. I collect on all retro consoles and so on, In the future is the idea to stream some of them. but i have Nes, Snes, N64, Old Xbox, Game Cub, PS2, Wii and Xbox One. Q. What do you speedrun? I speedrun a lot of Two towers! And i want to see more ppl speed run it! Q. Why you now stream? I got school and work to do, I often stream Thursday-Sunday.

The score board!

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**[The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers]( - Tower of Orthanc : Isildur: [8:06](** **[The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers]( - ANY%: [57:00](** I would love to see more ppl speedrun this game! Here is a guide!


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Please follow the rules below, not following them can result in a timeout, or a ban: No spam Respect the broadcaster, mods, and viewers No scams Respect eachother!


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Check my Youtube channel for some speedruns


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Thanks for keeping the stream going and with more awesome content! The goal right now is to get a capture card!