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Streaming osu! with 12 viewers

Trying to make things happi'n cappi'n. Also, I cant get enough of OSU Mania & Call of Duty!

Channel Rules:

1. Respect other humans and HAVE A GREAT TIME! 2. N) discrimination (sexism, racism, homophobia, etc) 3. English (or the primary language of the streamer) only 4. Support each other and treat others with kindness 5. Avoid religious or political discussion 6. NO jokes about mental disorders 7. NO Spamming
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Always feel free to add me on Instagram! It's a newly created profile so lets make it a little more interesting lol Instagram: @ttvblakeeez
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Donation is a way to support the streamer by donating what you can. Don't forget that if you can't donate ITS OKAY. I appreciate you for just being here! you can donate [here]( or clicking the image panel!
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Hello! Name is Blake & I primarily play competitive COD Cold War, but open to suggestions, so all are welcome to stop by & drop some in the chat! My focus: have fun streaming & engage with the Twitch community. If you enjoy my content, feel free to FOLLOW or SUBSCRIBE! Thanks for stopping by :)