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Fighting Games and Cute Things are my aesthetic.

About Me!

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Heyoooo! Lemme introduce myself, I'm Blayz, and up-and-coming streamer! Here on the stream, I'm gonna play a variety of video games from the following genres: -**Fighting** -**MMORPG** -**JRPG** -**Rhythm/Music** -**Action** And Many more types of games under the sun! You wanna come in and play? Feel Free! I have no qualms about meeting new people at all~ Wanna join my Discord? !discord in the chat!

Rules! (I know I Know...)

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So, Ima keep my rules short, simple and sweet. 1: Dont be messy. No Drama, No Arguing, No Bullshit. Take it to DMs. Debates are welcome, Cracking Jokes? Even more welcome! The rest? Nope. 2: Be Respectful! This means: No Homophobia No Transphobia No Racism No Sexism No Bullying No Harassment of ANY kind. 3: No Spoilers! At All! HUSH!!! 4: Advice is welcome but dont back-seat game if possible~ I want to experience things on my own as much as possible!

Stream Schedule!

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Active Hours: Between 3pm ~ 11pm Content Schedule: -**MobaGe Mondays** (Just Not so casually playing Mobile Games!) -**Turn it up Tuesdays** (Pass me the Aux Cord. I got this!) -**Whacky Wednesdays** (Expect ANYTHING to happen~) -**Take a Breather Thursdays** (Day Off!) -**Gettin' Fiesty on a Friday Night** (You already know we gotta play Fighting Games on Fridays!) -**Spectacular Saturdays** (Expect a spectacle to be made!) -**Sleep in Sundays** (Day Off!) Schedule may altered slightly!


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