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Here you can donate to me if you feel like it. They are not required, however they will help upgrade streaming equipment, channel art/upgrades and also put chicken tendies in my tummy. On a serious note, thank you for watching and enjoying the stream enough to donate! (Please note they are not refundable)
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Feel free to click the panel above to join my discord where you can hear important announcements, hang out with me before and after stream, and post your videos! I love watching what you guys have to make!
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# Bit Alerts 300 bits: Soda Incident... 600 bits: Ninja fornite. 800 bits: manchild rages at blazed... 1000 bits: blazed makes it to Drama Alert 1500 bits: Prius WARLORD
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Business inqueries only: ***!discord*** **!youtube** !gear !settings !specs !twitter !uptime

Donors (Thank you all)

All-time highest single donation: **trainwreckstv**: 7500$ + 40 Tier 3 Subs. carlosrb458 : 1311 gifted subs! + 332,000 bits! Thank you so much! knineves: 92,200 bits (absolute chad) Nosoc: 1570 + Gifted subs bK_Ftw: 536 Gifted Subs + 200$ jamesfm: 549 Gifted subs Zed477: 387 gifted subs! Thank you!