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I play games fast.


[ Profile]( I speedrun a variety of games, with a focus on Mega Man Legends/ロックマンDASH series. Games I speedrun: >**● Mega Man Legends** Normal - 42:41 IGT Easy - 35:46 IGT ᵂᴿ Hard - 48:56 IGT ᵂᴿ 100% - 1:06:31 IGT ᵂᴿ >**● Mega Man 64** Normal - 42:38 IGT Easy - 34:31 IGT ᵂᴿ >**● Mega Man Legends 2** Normal PSP - 1:12:33 IGT ᵂᴿ Normal PS1 - 1:15:49 IGT ᵂᴿ Easy PSP - 1:08:06 IGT ᵂᴿ Easy PS1 - 1:10:26IGT ᵂᴿ Very Hard PSP - 1:43:28 IGT ᵂᴿ Very Hard PS1 - 1:49:49 IGT ᵂᴿ >**● The Misadventures of Tron Bonne** Any% - 26:37 IGT ᵂᴿ >**● Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes** Normal - 53:46 IGT ᵂᴿ Extreme (Big Boss) - 56:40 IGT >**● NieR: Automata** [A] Ending (Normal) - 1:20:39 (w/o loads) Prologue (Normal) - 13:47.94 (w/o loads) >**● Xenosaga Episode I** Glitchless - 4:24:59 RTA >**● Xenosaga Episode II** Japanese Any% - 5:10:42 RTA English Any% - Soon™ >**● Xenosaga Episode III** Any% - 5:02:29 RTA ᵂᴿ >**● Metal Wolf Chaos XD** Any% - 25:55 IGT ᵂᴿ

About Me

I play games. A lot. I'm brutally honest and blunt with my opinions. Ask my thoughts on something and I will speak my mind. I usually stream speedruns but I may stream casual stuff on occasion. I'm a night time streamer. When I am actively streaming, my typical start time is around 9-10pm PST and lasts for about 3-5 hours. If it's any earlier or later, chances are my sleep schedule is off or it's for a specific reason out of the ordinary. The origin of my username is simple: Blue is my favorite color, and metal is my favorite music. Combine them and there ya go. I prefer to just be called Blue.


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Click the image to send me a donation if you're feeling generous or something. This random dude on the internet speedrunning video games definitely appreciates it. __________________________________ **Generous people who sent me cool things:** Easy93 - Sending me a Rockman DASH 64 cart and the gamebits to get it open and running. Auchgard - His MML2 disc and the money needed to repair it. FrankerZ (Don't worry I sent it back) Pikapika212 - Drawing [this sweet image of Yuna from MML2]( for me. KkhaluaHero - Sending me blue fret buttons for my GH guitar controller so that I have all-blue buttons. Muuv Stehpah - Gave me a $15 eBay gift card to buy Xenosaga 1 Reloaded. sunny_bergher - I usually wouldn't put money donations in this section, but $300 sent to help me get to AGDQ 2017 is nuts. GameJ06 - Same with Sunny, sending $150 from his Gettin' Folk There 3 marathon for the same purpose.
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Everyone and their mom has a server, so here's mine if you feel like contacting or checking in with me and all that neat stuff.