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I mostly play Touhou and other shmups. Retired Super Metroid runner.


Yo I'm beeps. I usually speedrun Super Metroid, or at least do random stuff with it that the game probably doesn't appreciate. Right now I am a full time college student, so I don't have a set stream schedule. Expect streams at random times. I don't really know what else to put here. Anyway thanks for stopping by my stream :)

Personal Bests

Super Metroid (in no particular order) -reverse boss order 1:29:34 -RBMBO 2:13:06 -true abo 1:56:12 -true any% 19:26 (still not faster than GT code so not really a pb ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) -any% GT code 17:17 -any% GT classic 39:38 -any% nmg 49:55 -low% grav/ice 1:01:33 -low% grav/speed 1:29:33 -low% x-ice 1:27:57 -low% iceboots 1:46:08 -low% speedboots 4:44:44 (l+r) -low% chargeless (grav) 1:09:29 -100% 1:29:53 -135% GT code 1:41:05 -reverse boss order coop with ponk 43:35 Times from (updated 5/9/2021)

i have a discord server now

this panel has nothing in it

youre welcome

follower alerts?

I decided to remove follower alerts from my stream as I personally dislike it when a streamer calls attention to the fact that I followed them. I recognize that I am a part of a small minority of people that are like this. If you follow, feel free to post it in chat and I can thank you there. Even if I don't mention you on stream, I am still really thankful for it! I really appreciate yall's support <3

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always save the animals and shaktool :)

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