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Calling all Shinigami!!!Thank you for coming to the Blerd Society! My name is BNiCe0rElse or simply B. I'm a variety streamer, upcoming martial artist, black business supporter and content creator. I'm also the Co-Founder of 3LittleBlerds and a member of the Taco Pack Twitch Stream Team!

About Me

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Welcome all to the Blerd Society! I'm your Boy Bnice0rElse or you can simply call me B! I'm a 30s gang content creator, training martial artist, entrepreneur, free spirit, and a lover of all things blerdy! I love anime, manga, video games, wrestling, and being active. ! I stream here on twitch, I have a Podcast/Talk Show and the current President of 3LittleBlerds. I try to challenge myself and all those around me to be 1% better everyday! Come join us and be 1% better each day!
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Social Media

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All My social media can be found simply by clicking on this photo. You will also see all the great business I represent as a brand ambassador or affiliate. Feel free to click on any link to explore or ask me any questions!


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WE ARE A COMMUNITY AND EVERYBODY IS WELCOMED. THERE WILL BE NO HATE TOLERATED HERE! Please let us know your PRONOUNS so we can properly address you! Be respectful to all! Be Nice! Have some fun! No bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia or other hate-based chat No ethnic, sexual, religious, disability, agist or transphobic slurs Don’t argue with people over chat — especially the moderators More importantly enjoy the Good Vibes! -Ad-Free Viewing -Supporting Me Directly -Access to chat emotes (Check next panel to see them) -Loyalty Badges next your name in chat -Priority to play games with me on stream and via discord You can also use you Prime Sub free from having Amazon Prime. When you click subscribe make sure you Prime account is connected you can renew it each month! If you prefer not to sub using twitch or would like to support other ways please click my linkree or drop !support in the chat! Much Love <3


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All donations are very much appreciated and by no means required. Currently, all donations received will go to the improvement of the channel! All donations are final and non-refundable. Thank you for coming to the Blerd Society! Cash App - $Bnice0rElse Venmo - Bnice0rElse Bits Sound Alerts - 69 - Freaky Bits 100- Random Anime Theme 200- Random Anime Theme 300- Random Anime Theme 400- Random Anime Theme 1000- Favorite Bleach Song Sub Sound Alerts - Random Alerts Prime Sub (Hits Different) Tier 1 Sub Tier 2 Sub Tier 3 Sub Gift Sub 5 Gift Subs 10 Gift Subs 20 Gift Subs

Amazon Wish List

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Thank you to anybody who supports to the Blerd Society! This is my Amazon Wishlist! It only has items that will improve the overall quality of the stream! All I want to do is keeping getting 1% better for all of you! Any help is appreciated!

Home of the Creatives

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I am a Creative with the DapperGardenCreatives! The DapperGardenCreatives are an inclusive team of Content Creators. We are Artists, Photographers, Poets, Writers, Social Commentators and Culturists!

Big Creatxr

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I am a Big Creatxr with Cxmmunity! Cxmmunity is committed to increasing the representation of minorities in esports through STEAM development . Cxmmunity's mission is to increase the participation of minorites within the esports and video game industry so that there is an equal opportunity as new jobs and professions are being created. They do this by helping minority youth develop skills within business-management and steam by exposing them and proving access to video games publishers , film productions, sports, and entertainment executives, professional athletes, and world-renowned artist.