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Bobbuslee streams Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition and Super Mario World.

About Me

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Just a guy streaming some of his favorite old school games, and sometimes new ones 2! Come chill and chat. Age: 34 Location: Alberta, Canada Favorite Game: Lufia 2 Favorite Band: Disturbed


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In case you feel the need to throw money at me=P...or if you's a wishlist Emotes: Sweetelise done the blue dargon. ZeratulLotus done the red dargon. Hit him up if you want work done he is excellent to work with=) Layouts/Ideas: Zanatos2003 did my main layout. Kudaaj done sub badges and some layouts as well. BossmanDFE did the Starting Soon banner and Transition effect as well various ideas such as the sound effects. Hit these people up if you wanna upgrade your stream!

Chat Rules

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1. Treat others how you wish to be treated and respect others. 2. No racist remarks of any kind, and using racist words even in a text of non racism will still not be tolerated. 3. Watch the sexual remarks. A joke here or there is fine, do it 2 much or in a very raunchy way expect bad things. 4. No putting down others because of what they believe in, or physical abuse, etc etc. 5. Trolling wont be tolerated. A troll comment here or there is fine but if you act like a 12 year old when you do it then expect bad things..

Sound Commands

!baka !bennyhill !circle !combo !darkness !deez !disturbed !doh !gotcha !gotem !headshot !heart !illidan !lolyoudied !machoman !mariodead !mortal !tralala !trap !wow !zeldaitem !ff7victory !shutup !bwah !what !wd40 !suchdeva !nobody !miss !thoudied !gameover !sparta


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Followers can PM me a game they would like to see played on stream! Goals Achieved! 50 Followers - 1/20/2017 Thank you! 100 Followers - April 2017 Thank you! 250 Followers - June 2017! 500 Followers- Nov 2018! Next goal is 1000!