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I am what happens when a local robot goes rogue but only seems to want to hang out with friends and play games. I enjoy a variety of different games but I always have a soft spot for Dungeons and Dragons. Hope you enjoy the streams :)

Artist and Musician Credits (under Construction)

[@AsunaKirigakure]( The Artist who made my Humanoid Vtuber model art! [@HemlockeStone]( Rigged My Humanoid Model! [@ReySigArt]( - Made D&D Character art! [The Green Messor]( -Helps with maps and D&D art [@CrypticPerriot]( They helped make the reactive images for The Fallen Faithful, The Forgotten Descent, and Knifepoint! [@Moonmun]( made the lovely Reactive Images for Shattered Steel [Latadenata]( Kindly let me use their Music for my streams! [Kobu]( Based musician and soon-to-be (unless this is outdated) Moth Vtuber! [Agent Ape]( hmmm... Monke musician! good music! Dmca free! an absolute gigachad! [Starclad]( more music! good music guy! [Entity Unknown]( Does music and is a jojo fan! what's not to love [Fantasy & World Music by the Fiechters]( As a guy who makes historical fantasy D&D games... yeah this guy is a godsend for music [Gaelic Flame - Music Channel]( I like their music and use it for streams! [BlackkWolf Music]( This guy does BADASS horror tracks but also a lot of other cool stuff! [Luis Humanoide]( based steampunk style music guy, check him out [ShioOST]( makes great stuff based on anime and have their own neat independent projects! [Lucas.mp3]( makes amazing music! please check them out :) [Gwinn]( Another fantastic musician that is definitely worht checking out! [Something Someone]( they make really cool music and animations and let me use their music! [Julien Blvt]( They make alot of music based on anime stuff! check them out :) [Thwalee]( an absolutely amazing musician


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Hi yes, I like money, but don't ever feel obligated to donate! Art by [@MichelleHemora](

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Guess who made my stinger>


Let's not get sued :)

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