I play whatever I like whenever I want. You can find your hungarian fella' here: https://twitter.com/Boskothefirst

Bosko' bio

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I am a hungarian guy, who likes to play video games but not really good at it. I have a strict policy of keeping this as a hobby, do not care about income from this channel! Subs are purely for emotes. Therefore I don't have any schedule, stress and I can do streams and videos whenever I feel like it. Please, be my guest and join our little community!

Q & A

1) Is this you real name? - No. This is a character I created for myself. I have a real name and face 2) Why don't you show your face like everybody else most of the time? - I don't feel it would add anything to my content 3) How old are you? - 32 4) Where are you from? - Hungary 5) Do you have a youtube channel? - Youtube.com/user/Boskothefirst 6) What's your job? - I'm a sports journalist.

Patria Salis

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By joining my discord you also get to add yourself to our own fantasy world, Patria Salis. Be a king or a queen, an adventurer, a god or some mythical creature, it's all up to you. Everyone can add only person: themselves. You can pick name, background story, special items, etc whatever your heart desires. We build the fantasy world of our dreams
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Respect these guys or get ready for bans: - diocuddles - JorDat_ - KappazCoffee - metalBumy - Sirabi94
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!nb - to hug Nightbot over me. (don't do it) !comfort - to hug the lovely streamer !hugs - you can also hug anyone in the chat, just type someone after the command! for example: !hugs someone !peeps - shows who's in the call !fu - shout F* U at Nightbot !plan - a rough summary of the stream !uptime - take a wild guess !discord - shows the invite to my server, no bots will call you out, but you can put yourself in Patria Salis !addquote - to keep the memories off the random BS we say in streams

Boskofy your wardrobe

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I opened my store! Please don't buy anything if you don't like it or you don't have money for it! I make no profit on this, I only wanted to give you some merch in case you'd want some! I'm also open to suggestions for future items. :)
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✓ Respect each other. Bullies get bannies! ✓ NO spamming ✓ No spoilers, I beg ✓ You can ask me anything, the worst thing is that I won't answer it ✓ You can suggest games, but don't demand
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