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Howdy stranger! the names Ramen, im a 20yr old brit who ironically doesnt like tea. ik strange right lol. Anyways imma variety strimmer who likes to meet new peeps and interact with folks in a fun and interesting way <33


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We are TBD (To Be Decided) a gaming group comprised of friends to bring a warm, stable foundation to new streamers who are looking to start out. A friendship spanning across the UK, we are dedicated to helping people start their streaming careers and providing the foundations to do so. We have a passion for gaming, so we want to share this passion with you.

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Hi! my name is Dan i like streaming and making people happy, A big goal for streaming for me is to make my audience feel welcome, And to give people a good viewing experience. Hope you enjoy the streams, Love you all, Have a good time! Currently sponsored by :To Be Decided.


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1. No homophobic or racist comments. 2. Keep things (somewhat) under control. 3. Keep spamming to a minimum unless you have been given permissions from the mods. 4. Be polite to me and the mods or you will be timed-out, If you continue to be immature you will be banned. 5. No self-promo of any kinds unless I give you permission. 6. No bullying or harassment of any kinds, Doing so will get you timed-out 7. HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!


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I dont really play games on here, This channel is mainly for my music and other things. If you wanna sub then go ahead its always appreciated. If you also like the music more than the gaming than come here for it