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My name is Bowshot and I left click people. Full-time content creator for Heroic!


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Q: How old are you? A: I am 16 years old! Q: Where are you from? A: I am from Norway! Q: What games do you play? A: I play Minecraft, Valorant and Clash Royale/of clans! Q: Can I get an f add? A: You can see the different ways to get an f add by typing !friend on my stream! Q: Can I apply to become a mod? A: Yes you can! Type !apply to apply for a staff position on either Twitch or Discord Q: Can I join your guild? A: Yes you can! Type !guild to apply to my guild on Hypixel (Currently a top 400 Guild)


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**Subscribing will give you these benefits:** **Tier 1:** * A huge thank you! * No ads * 18 Different emotes to choose from * Stand out in chat with a cool badge that changes depending on how long you've been subbed for **Tier 2:** * All of the above * Plus 3 extra Emotes (bowshotMad * bowshotPOGG, bowshotBowHAX) * A /f add (Friend request on hypixel) * Silver star ontop of your badge to show how cool you are * Priority queue in private games (Minecraft) **Tier 3:** * All of the above * Plus an extra Emote (bowshoRich) * Gold star ontop of your badge to show how cool you are even more * Priority queue in private games (Even over t2's) * Get exclusive games with Bowshot himself every week! **[Click here to subscribe!](**


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**Click the IMAGE or do !donate to donate to me!** Donating helps my channel a lot but donations are **not necessary!** (Make sure to use your own money and not mom's credit card) :) (**NOT** refundable) $2 - TTS $5 - F add (Friend request on hypixel) $100+ VIP on my twitch (Only 100 of these exist! You can get VIP from redeeming it in channel point rewards aswell) (You get the same "perks" from donating via bits too) **[Click Here If You Want To Donate](** Business inquiries at


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**Join my discord server!** **[Bowshot's Quiver](** If twitch notifications don't work sometimes, joining my discord will assure you, you will get notified EVERY time I go live and on top of that you will be able to talk to other people who also joins the discord!


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A huge thank you to MCProHosting for sponsoring this stream! Use Code: Bow for 25% OFF any plan!


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**All my socials are on [](**