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Hello! I'm Brananarama (she/her, she/they), but you can call me Bran for short. I'm here to stream a variety of games and make some friends (that means you!) along the way. Get comfy and say hello!


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Streaming from SoCal, all times are in PST and are very flexible. Tuesday 7-10PM PST Friday 7-11pm PST Saturday 10am-1pm PST Occasional community streams also happen on Sunday evenings!


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StaggeredHope is a team of streamers and other content creators who raise money for charity. For the entire month of December, we will be raising money for The LGBT+ Center, aka The Center Orlando. This Florida-based organization currently has two locations in Orange and Osceola counties and aims to promote and empower the LGBT+ community and its allies through information, education, advocacy, and support. They offer several programs and resources at no cost to the community ranging from sexual and mental health to social support and advocacy. The 2022 team includes: [StaggeredOak]( [AdaraPlays]( [BlackTieMayhem]( [Brananarama]( [Bri_Glide]( [DawnOfKillz]( [flissfloss86]( [GhostDogVG]( [Goober316]( [kev_died]( [naymie47]( [TeachPlays]( [thebaejae]( [ToddyJae]( [tuvowo](


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Be cool! Don't be rude! Please, no self-promotion in chat unless I invite you to do so! No hate speech. No homophobia. No transphobia. No harassment. Period. Don't be creepy towards me or anyone else in chat. I love when people engage with me in chat, but please be kind to each other and to yourself. This channel is all about being welcoming and building connections through this community.


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Click the picture above to come hang out with us in the Branana Bunch discord! You can also find me on twitter!

About Me

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I stream a variety of games, mainly whatever catches my eye at the moment. I absolutely love people, so streaming for me is truly about opening up my circle to meet new friends. GAMES COMPLETED ON STREAM (in no particular order): ✨Dark Souls Remastered ✨Borderlands 3 ✨Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ✨Limbo ✨Breath of the Wild ✨The Last of Us ✨Little Nightmares ✨Gris ✨Inside ✨We Were Here Together ✨Biped ✨Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion ✨Left 4 Dead ✨Left 4 Dead 2 ✨Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator