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I am a stationary construct made of shale and clay fused together in a kiln at 2000°F. I also like to play video games!


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My name is Brick! I am a variety streamer who plays everything from shooters to RPG's! I am a full of energy and welcoming to everyone! I want to make this a place where everyone is welcome and can enjoy themselves! I love to talk about: -Video games -food -Wrestling -movies -Anime So feel free to ask away!


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come join the brickyard and have fun with our silly crew!


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See the photos of food, doggos, family and clips from the show!


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Drop a follow and get our positive and uplifting tweets as well as when we are going live and what to expect on stream!

Beard Ornaments!

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For bits or subscriptions I will put beard ornaments on my face! The ornaments come in Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Gold and Silver and you can decide which color you would like!


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Donations go toward improving the channel through new equipment, games and helping to facilitate giveaways! Any amount is greatly appreciated! Top Donators! 1. Shadowbro...$100 2. Lily_ChanOwO...$60 3. PuckAlive...$35 4. LonkGames...$31 5. Itsthegableguy...$28 6. ZestyOfficial... $25 7. Glam_BlkGirlMagic...$20 8. AraveXN7 / CactusThief/Demonumist...$10 9. Post_Salmone...$5