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Variety stream, i have a huge....list of games to pick and choose from and im always open to suggestions. Notable people you'll encounter watching my friends Berto, Alan Jaeger, Basiliskone, Christobuu. Jump into the chat and say hello and we can talk about really anything.

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My real name is Brian, Brilockis came about from a friend of mine who called me a warlock because I used dark magic to beat the game FTL. When called out for my dark magic usage I turned my name into Brilock, but wasn't satisfied with that. So I added the "is" to the end to make it sound more like Warhammer 40kish. I was born on a farm in the early 1920s, as boy I knew I was meant for greater things. Luckily for myself, I was actually born in 1986 and didn't the hardships those who came before had. I was born in Texas, raised in Michigan, and moved to Nevada, and now living in Florida. I played ice hockey when I was a fetus, and played in adult league while I lived in Nevada. The best time I ever had with the sport however was when I coached it. The exact best time was back in Michigan where I helped my dad with the Adams program, for kids just learning the basics of hockey.

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What started out as a way to show my friend what the Dead Space games were all about blossomed into something more. In doing those first few streams, I found that i really did enjoy playing a game and having an audience. Even if it was just one person, it gave me a sense of accomplishment. Now that i have been doing it for a while, i still love it! It's only gotten better, my little channel has grown into a bigger albeit still small channel. However, because you people seem to like what I am doing I have been able to enter the Affiliate program for twitch! I can't thank you all enough, this wouldn't have been possible without all of you. You all make this worth while from everything you do, not just for me but for everyone you watch.