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Just a human who likes to make silly jokes and play games with friends. Variety streamer with a little more horror than anything else. Rory Winters in TSRP.

Service Dog Fundraiser

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Hey everyone, Yesterday I found out I was approved by Freedom Paws for a Psychiatric Service Dog. I am very thankful but I want to be completely transparent when I say that the average cost of a Service dog in America is $30,000. This organization charges between $10,000-$15,000 for their dogs and rely on donations to cover the rest. The cost of the dog comes down to the tasks it needs to be trained to do so my dog may be anywhere in between this amount. I have applied for grants but will also be starting a GoFundMe for $10,000. I know this is a crazy amount to ask for help for but I will be sharing it on all of my social media, friends, family, and other groups. Every penny that I do not spend on my son will be going towards this goal, I don't want anyone to think I am not going to also be working for it. Any amount raised will be going to the Service Dog and if we have a surplus of funds by some miracle then I will be donating the "Left over" money to Freedom Paws. I am a single parent whose PTSD has taken all of my independence away. I lost my job on March 4th due to Covid restrictions. When I was told that a Service dog could make me feel like a functioning person again I knew I had to try to raise the money for it. This all being said, if you want to share the fundraiser feel free to do so, If you have fundraising ideas and incentives please feel free to DM me. If you want to partake in fundraising streams that would be amazing and I'd be so honored to have you. If you have more questions you can DM me, if it's about my illness in particular I ask that you DM me personally as I do not want to share details that could be upsetting to others. Any amount helps but if you can't donate then sharing this GoFundMe to Friends, Family, Church groups, and Animal lovers, or anyone else helps just as much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The Roots Are Deep!

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I am so honored to be apart of the most incredible stream team I can imagine alongside some of the most incredible people. Please check them out and give them a follow when you have a moment by clicking the image above! #Followtheroots

Discord Link!

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Come join the Daycare! We like to play games, discuss upcoming game releases, and just hang out and chat in general. This is also where you will hear when I go live as I do not have a schedule right now.