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Badger Burrow Studios - Paper Artist - Capturing Dreams with Paper and Light

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Britthebadger is a full time independent artist and primarily works in paper cutting creating oneiroframes. She loves creating beautiful art pieces that pull the viewer into another world, even for a moment. Without further ado, welcome to the stream! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Etsy Shop!

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You can find my available original artwork as well as reproduction pieces here! Thank you so much for the support!
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While donations are not necessary, they are greatly appreciated and will go directly towards materials and tools to keep the art flowing, the stream going, and the lights on! <3
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Check out some of the cool rewards tiers and perks! Become involved in my artistic journey as a patron to support my work and stream!


Due to Covid-19, my stream schedule has been in a lot of flux. I'm trying my best to stream regularly, but a guaranteed schedule has been hard to get right now. To know when I'm going live and for updates, follow me on [Twitter](!
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Want to receive more notifications about streams and the projects I'm working on? Follow more of my work via social media! <3 [Twitter]( [Facebook]( [Instagram]( [Tumblr]( Email:
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If you are interested in commissioning art, send me a message through twitch, etsy, facebook, or send an email to! <3